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People’s consciousness key to environmental protection

Jun 06, 2019

Leaders from various sectors have called for consciousness in society and people in general to create awareness about environment protection.

New Delhi: On this world environment day people representing various sectors joined in to pitch their viewpoints for safeguarding environment and to lead the way in fighting the accompanied challenges. OneWorld South Asia compiles some of the perspectives.

World renowned Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev

Water pollution, air pollution, noise pollution, and decreasing of tree plants are destroying our health and health of future generation. In order to improve our environment, we must first save our main need 'water' from pollution. This comprehensive problem of water pollution is endangering our health. Every year more people are killed due to contaminated water than war and violence.

To prevent water pollution, the effective law should be passed and implemented declaring residual excavation in the river or any other water source to be illegal. Organic substances should be oxidized before using them. To destroy the bacteria in water, chemical substances such as bleaching powder etc. should be used. Atomic tests at the international level should be banned. Consciousness should be created in society and people in general, about the danger of water pollution.

Along with water pollution, air pollution is also a challenge to human beings. For this, the smoke from the fuel in the factories, vehicles, must be adjusted so that least smoke comes out. Everybody is using vehicles to go a small distance from home. This leads to environmental pollution and fuel is also consumed. It is the moral responsibility of every global citizento protect environment. I appeal to the people present here that water and air are life, make efforts to keep air and water clean.

Yogrishi Baba Ramdev

The ancient India saints and maharishi of India knew there is life in trees also. They were considered equivalent to human beings; a tree has been compared to ten sons of a man.

The foundation of the earth is water and forests, both are important for protecting the earth. Vegetation conservation is meant to protecting crops that are used from harmful organisms. Under this, such measures should be used which can destroy or reduce the pests and other harmful organisms and plant diseases that harm various types of crops, fruits and stored grains. The main purpose of doing all this is to create more and more healthy and efficient crops and store crops safely.

Sanjay Khajuria, Director - Corporate Affairs, Nestlé India

Nestlé India and RECITY celebrate the Hilldaari Spirit by launching the first ever Hilldaari Musical AV on World Environment Day.

The Hilldaari AV represents the collective objective to spread awareness and evangelize support for a better tomorrow. It aims at highlighting the efforts of people to make a difference and create a sustainable environment.

To create this impactful AV, Manzil Mystics and RECITY have put together a music composition to bring the local flavour to the people and celebrate the spirit. The AV aims to be a breeze of hope, love and care for the hills. It is our endeavour to engage with people and bring about a behavioural change about the need for disposing plastic waste responsibly.”

The AV will be available across multiple platforms including YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and as a song on select radio channels.

Brahma Kumaris spiritual leader BK Shivani

Our Environment is a reflection of our emotions. We pollute the planet with Greed, Jealousy, Hatred ... Can we still complain ... or is it time to change…?

Ahimsa Vishwa Bharti Organization has been working in the field of environmental protection and promotion for last 10 years. Environmental protection is closely related to the life of all creatures and the entire natural environment of this earth. Pollution is harming the entire earth and we see the end of human civilization in near future.

Climate change is taking place in, glaciers are melting, and temperature is rising, whole is being created in ozone layer this to ultra-radiation wavesfrom the sun reaching earth and harming life, there is increasing pollution in environment. To address this problem worldwide, we need to look into its basic reasons and get rid of them. For thisAhimsaVishva Bharti has organised International Seminar on World Environment Day.

Acharya Lokesh

Lord Mahavir said that the earth, water, fire, air and vegetation are all creatures. Do not penetrate or harm them unnecessary. Do not use them more than necessary. His said that the natural resources and substances are limited, and desires are unlimited.

Limited resources cannot fulfil unlimited requirements and limitless desires. To prevent environmental pollution, it is necessary to create a policy and also to associate it with education. We have to tell the next generation that it is our responsibility to safeguard water, air, earth and space.

Dikshu Kukreja and CP Kukreja, Urban Planners

Cities across India are transforming at a pace as never seen before. Needless to say this brings along changes in the health and lifestyle of millions of urban citizens. Delhi, being the capital sets the trend for cities across the country to emulate. Therefore the transformations that shape Delhi do not remain restricted here but have far reaching consequences.

One of the serious transformations taking place is that Delhi is slowly but surely becoming a poisonous gas chamber. Time and again this issue gets raised, noises are made and then yet again it dies out- however this can't go on for too long. Immense, polluting traffic, construction dust, and stubble burning around Delhi amongst others are the often cited sources for air pollution. Each one of these issues can be easily addressed. After all aren't cities around the world grappling with vehicular traffic and ongoing construction.

We need a comprehensive policy with even more importantly strict implementation which can easily overcome this issue. Alternative traffic modes, increasing easy, comfortable and affordable public transportation, transit oriented development planning, high density nodes, mixed use, etc are some of the possible solutions.

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