Background Note

Partnering for Rural Prosperity
Farmers as Owners

The conference will seek to give a fillip to the concept of fostering partnership between producers, businesses, NGOs, knowledge institutions and investors to empower small producers around agri-value chain.

Organised by Garhwal-based NGO Shri Jagadamba Samiti, which has successfully piloted the concept, the initiative is being support by Stichting Het Groene Woudt (SHGW), a Dutch family foundation, which promotes sustained economic development in rural areas of developing countries like India.

The model offered by the Shri Jagadamba Samiti is based on the plank of associating small and large farmers in the agri value chain for a win-win outcome for all stakeholders.

Today most farmers face a double whammy. The market prices their produce with indifference and the consumer at the chain does not necessarily always get what the farmer produces. The chain has one important link – the food processing industry, of which, generations of farmers have no clue.

Simultaneously, the rapid consolidation among businesses of farm inputs and outputs reduces the bargaining power of producers.

An escape from this double-whammy situation has provoked much thought on farmer-owned farming-and-business models that could counterveil the adverse impact of the consolidation of the agribusiness industry.

The model of farming that the Shri Jagadamba Samiti has pioneered among the apple growers it works among, works to correct this trend. It has done so successfully, raising the purchasing powers of the farmer families it works amongst, and bringing prosperity to the region. The farmer-owned business model tried and tested by the Shri Jagadamba Samiti also factors in ameliorating the risk implications of the different capital management strategies that farmers face.

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India’s Minister for Water Resources, Harish Rawat, lauds the innovative apple project of Uttarakhand, a model that has freed small apple farmers from the clutches of middlemen besides introducing business acumen in them.
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