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SDGs have a standalone goal on gender equality: Suneeta Dhar, Jagori

Dec 29, 2017 10:20 AM The standalone goal will help to sensitise the government and people towards women’s issues, says Dhar.

People’s participation crucial in budget process: Subrat Das, CBGA

Feb 16, 2017 09:55 AM According to Das, evaluation of development projects in India is not up to the mark.

Half of every rupee spent in India should go to women: Rajiv Chandran

Feb 01, 2017 10:15 AM There should be adequate financing in India for various pillars of Sustainable Development Goals, says UNIC representative.

Now, CSR is not limited to a short term project: Samir Sharma

Jan 02, 2017 12:55 PM According to Sharma, CSR has evolved from cheque writing or donations to some meaningful contribution to the society.

India Inc needs to introspect over CSR role: Shaifalika Panda

Aug 01, 2016 02:29 PM According to her the new Companies Act has brought Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) to the forefront.

Businesses are duty bound to serve the society: Naveen Soni, Toyota

Jul 20, 2016 08:06 AM India Inc's commitment towards corporate social responsibility is nothing but a way of giving back to society, says Naveen Soni.

Need to equip forest dwellers with enterprising skills: Dr Sanjay Kumar

May 04, 2016 02:07 PM Forest dwellers need to be given holistic training for the mutual benefit of communities and forests, says Dr Sanjay Kumar of Climate Parliament.

Accessibility is key to empowerment: Disability activist Javed Abidi

Jul 24, 2015 07:10 AM You cannot educate or employ the disabled people with creating accessibility for them, said noted disability rights activist Javed Abidi.
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Fifty species of fish in river Narmada are now extinct: Anil Dave

Jun 17, 2015 08:05 AM "The impact of climate change is very severe on the aquatic life of Narmada," says social activist Anil Madhav Dave.

Forests can reverse climate change: Anil Dave

Mar 31, 2015 06:45 PM New Delhi: Rajya Sabha MP and social activist Anil Madhav Dave in an interview with OneWorld South Asia tells that climate change is impacting all living beings including rivers and forests. “The only difference is that the impact is visible in some areas while it is not so much visible in other areas,” he says. “Investment in forests can reverse the process of climate change.
All politicians, policy makers and individuals need to come forward and walk the talk. Preaching alone will not be helpful in forests conservation or climate change mitigation,” he said. Dave urged the society, government and local bodies to come together against deforestation. “Forests will grow automatically if remain untouched,” Dave stressed.

India has women-friendly laws, implementation is poor: Geeta Luthra

Mar 13, 2015 10:52 AM New Delhi: This episode of Ek Duniya Ek Awaz talks about the laws and acts related to women. It provides important information on women’s rights like a woman cannot be arrested at night and that she cannot be put in a men’s cell under any condition.

Such information is being provided to the needy people, particularly women, scheduled castes, tribal communities and minorities through voice based information kiosks installed by the Indian government in the States of Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh.

The Kiosks are part of a project, Nyaya Path, which is a joint initiative by the UNDP, Department of Justice, Government of India and OneWorld.

Geeta Luthra, Senior Advocate, Supreme Court of India, speaks about the importance of Protection of Women from Domestic Violence Act, 2005. She further suggests that societal and educational change is important to make women empowered and respected. She added that the country has sufficient laws but the problem lies in their implementation which delays the process of justice.

Info-kiosks will help people understand laws in a simple way: Praveen Garg

Mar 12, 2015 02:35 PM New Delhi: This episode of Ek Duniya Ek Awaz talks about an initiative ‘Nyayapath’ which is a part of ‘Access to Justice’ project. The initiative has been taken by UNDP, Ministry of Law and Justice and OneWorld. It speaks about the uses and advantages of Information Kiosk which is known as Nyayapath.

Twenty-five kiosks have been installed in Jharkhand and Chhattisgarh each. Praveen Garg, Joint Secretary, Department of Justice, Ministry of Law and Justice, speaks that the aim of this kiosk is to make people understand about the law and justice in a simple way.

He also suggests that the capacity of the kiosk should increase so that users can register complaints and suggestions. The content of the kiosk can be accessed by

Red Cross symbol is a synonym of impartial service: Dr N K Singh

Jan 08, 2015 07:35 AM This episode of Ek Duniya Ek Awaaz talks about the various uses and significance of the Red Cross emblem. It also describes the protective and indicative use of Red Cross Emblem. Dr N K Singh, Director, Information and Development, Indian Red Cross Society, speaks about the origin of Red Cross, Red Crescent and Red Crystal. He also delineates the various awareness campaign to bar the misuse of the emblem. It speaks about the people who offer humanitarian service during war and conflict. They wear the Red Cross emblem during the service and their security should be of primary importance.

Digital radio is cost effective, says an expert

Nov 10, 2014 11:06 AM This episode of Ek Duniya Ek Awaaz focusses on the issue of digitalisation of Community Radio. Yogendra Pal, Chairman, Digital Radio Mondiale, of India Chapter explains the concept of digital radio and the advantages of transferring analog radio to digital radio. He talks about the role that digital radio can play in emergency situations and the ways in which it can help in tackling such situations. He says that transformation of Community Radio to its digital form would add to its benefits. He adds that a major advantage of digital radio would be that a single frequency could be shared amongst at least three stations making it cost effective.

Celebrating the humanitarian efforts

Oct 15, 2014 10:59 AM This episode of Ek Duniya Ek Awaaz celebrates World Humanitarian Day. World Humanitarian Day is observed on August 19 across the globe. This day marks the anniversary of the bombing of the UN Headquarters in Baghdad. In this episode we speak to two exemplary humanitarian workers, Sudhir Kumar Sahu and Colonel. Pillay. Sahu has been at the forefront of relief work when the cyclone Phailin hit the coast of Odisha. Colonel Pillay, a soldier in the Indian Army, put his own life at risk to save two young girls during combat in Manipur.

CR is an important tool for disaster management: official

Aug 21, 2014 01:48 PM In this episode of Ek Duniya Ek Awaaz, Neelkamal Darbari, Joint Secretary, National Disaster Management Authority talks about the important role played by a community during disaster management. She states that Community Radio is the most low cost medium for communication and is in direct contact with the immediate community. She adds that before 2005, all disaster management was relief centric. However, following the Disaster Management Act, there has been a change in the thinking and more focus is being given to disaster preparedness.

Research is crucial for effective philanthropy: Deepti Goyal

Jul 03, 2014 12:40 PM In this episode, Deepti Goyal of Dasra, a Mumbai based organisation that works with leading philanthropists and social entrepreneurs in India, talks about issues like corporate citizenship, corporate foundations and ways of strategizing philanthropy in her radio interview. Speaking about the ways, Goyal suggested that the research can play an important role in strengthening philanthropic activities and ensuring effective implementation of activities.

Red Cross movement: Touching everybody’s lives

Jun 11, 2014 05:06 AM This programme highlights the role of Red Cross in the lives of common people. Some of the stories tell us about the role of Red Cross in providing safe blood to the Thalassemia patients, help extended to Malaria patients in conflict zones, role of their volunteers in restoring livelihoods etc. The programme also includes an interview of Dr Vanshree Singh, DIrector of Indian Red Cross Society's Health and Volumteer Programme.

Red Cross carries out humanitarian work even in jails: ICRC official

May 14, 2014 07:34 AM This episode of Ek Duniya Ek Awaaz talks about EDAA’s new initiative with the International Committee of the Red Cross that aims to enhance awareness on humanitarian issues in conflict situations through participatory radio communication. To begin with this new initiative, EDAA is trying to understand the objectives of the Red Cross movements and its journey. Surinder Oberoi, Political and Communication Advisor, International Committee of the Red Cross talks about the role played by ICRC, Indian Red Cross and IFRC during disasters, natural calamities, conflict situations etc.

Poor insurance penetration is due to lack of awareness: Chandrasekaran

May 01, 2014 11:01 AM In this programme, R Chandrasekaran, Secretary General, General Insurance Council, speaks about the details of different kinds of policies. It would help people to choose the appropriate insurance policy. He also clarifies some misconceptions related to insurance.

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